Why OneNeed?

We believe that every person in need who reaches out to the Church should be fully heard. Jesus cared for the physical and spiritual needs of the forgotten, the outcast, and the broken. We seek to follow His example by loving every person in deed and in truth, and encouraging others to do the same.

Meet The OneNeed Team

Rodney McClure
Lance Osborne
Jesse Horne
Digital Experience Lead
Mikah Boudreaux
Dir. of Communications
Brian Watkins

Our Greatest Need

At OneNeed, financial support never depends on how someone responds to the gospel. We offer help as an expression of worship and thankfulness for what God has done for us. The good news is free for anyone. We all have the same need: to put our faith in Jesus Christ. By speaking truth in unhurried conversations, and encouraging connections with Christ-centered churches, people in need have the opportunity to hear about our greatest need.

Kind Words From Our Partners

“OneNeed has been a game changer for our Care Ministry here at Passion City Church. Not only are they able to raise financial assistance for people in our local church, but they also reach out to each and every person with love and encouragement, while also shooting straight with them about their current financial crisis. We believe that OneNeed SEES THE PERSON BEFORE THE NEED, and that means everything to us here at PCC, and to our community!”
Matt Carter, Care Pastor

Passion City Church

“Benevolence ministry was something that always bothered me. Was I doing enough? Was I actually helping or just enabling? Isn’t there a better way to do this? Since we began partnering with OneNeed, all those questions have been answered. For the first time, I feel like we are doing this well, and I am at peace about what we provide in this area of ministry.”
Dr. Tom Tanner, Lead Pastor

RiverStone Church

“Like most churches, we have a small staff relative to the number of people we serve, and we all wear many hats. OneNeed gives us peace of mind in knowing that anyone who comes to our church looking for help will receive a call in a timely manner, have an opportunity to share their story, and feel loved. It often works out that OneNeed is able to distribute more funds to people in need than our annual contribution to the ministry.”
Kit Stevens, MoneyWise Director

Buckhead Church

"For years, meeting the needs of the people in our community who reached out to us for assistance was time consuming. We were trying to filter through the requests to help the right people. OneNeed has made this so much easier AND we are able to offer a higher level of care to our community. For me, that's a WIN/WIN situation. I would highly recommend this partnership!"
Todd Lollis, Executive Pastor

Freedom Church

“Before OneNeed, we never had a real vision for helping people, financially. We were generous, but always wished we could do more, or wondered whether we were making the right judgement calls. With OneNeed, we’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars to give to people in need, confident that they are in the right place to truly benefit. We’ve seen our church get more excited about being generous as well. It’s been a true joy!”
Justin McTeer, Lead Pastor

His Hands Church