How OneNeed Simplifies Benevolence

Partnering with OneNeed gives you daily benevolence support and access to financial resources for people in need.

How OneNeed Works

Step 1


A person with a financial need submits a request through your church.

Step 1
Step 2


We speak with them and determine the best course of action.

Step 2
Step 3


Our donor network receives alerts for vetted needs.

Step 3
Step 4


Donors contribute to vetted needs until each goal is met.

Step 4
Step 5


Your church delivers the financial relief and ministers to the person in need.

Step 5

Meet Needs Through Generous Connections

What We Offer

Your subscription to our complete benevolence support network gives you…


We take time to fully hear each person in need. Everyone receives compassion and encouragement.


Our team has the experience and discernment to know when it makes sense to offer financial support.


Each vetted need is funded through our generous network of donors who want to love their neighbor.

Kind Words From Our Partners

“OneNeed has been a tremendous blessing to our church. We have been able to simplify our benevolence process and meet more needs in our community than would have been possible without our partnership."
Ben Wittinghill, Lead Pastor

Rivertown Church

“OneNeed has changed the way we do benevolence ministry. They enable us to focus on the ministry side of the person in need, while they take care of the vetting and monetary side. They have a heart for those in need, with excellent discernment in meeting the real needs of people."
Sheila Keefe, Care and Outreach Pastor

His Hands Church

“This wonderful partnership has allowed us to reach more people in need than ever before. Rodney and his team do an excellent job of screening the needs versus the wants, contacting each person, and following up with us. It is a great comfort knowing that anyone we refer to OneNeed is treated with dignity and respect. The OneNeed team takes each opportunity to not only assist those in need, but also to minister to them through the love of God."
Oleta Herron, Care Pastor

GraceLife Church

"We have a great partnership with OneNeed. The service they provide has been instrumental in helping us assess needs and serve our community well. By partnering with other churches in our community, OneNeed ensures that we are not duplicating efforts, which allows us to reach more individuals in need. Their expertise and care for people in need makes our job easier!”
The Entire Team

Woodstock City Church

Simplify Your Benevolence Today

Whether you're a church looking to make connections, or a donor who wants to give back, we’re ready to have a conversation with you.