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You can impact the life of someone in need today.  Join with others who are making a real difference.

A Community of Generosity

OneNeed gives you a way to help people with urgent financial needs. Every day, we receive benevolence requests from a nationwide network of churches. Our team speaks with each person and fully hears their story. After a thorough vetting process, we share legitimate needs with a community of caring people, like you, who pray for each person and contribute in a tangible way whenever they feel led.

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Your Giving Makes a Difference

Need requests come through local churches.

Each need is vetted by our care team.

Every dollar goes directly to meet a need.

Pray, Share & Give

When you join the OneNeed community, you receive occasional emails with fact-based stories about people in need. We call them Need Alerts. Every Need Alert reminds you to pray for a person in need. You can share the need on social media, and contribute to any need whenever you feel led. By joining with others who want to love their neighbor, small sacrifices add up to life-changing relief for each person in need.

Help us meet every need - one need at a time.

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Kind Words From Our Giving Community

"I love helping people, and this is a great way to do it. Seeing other believers step up to help people who are at a pivotal moment in their life is amazing. I can’t always donate, but I pray for every single one."
"What inspires me about OneNeed is all the people who participate by responding so quickly to each need. It humbles and amazes me. This gives us the opportunity to love our neighbor and help those in need."
"OneNeed is for everyone who has a heart to care for others. Together we hear prayer requests, and then we address the situation as a unit of believers. Synergistically, the Lord blesses everyone!"
"I love partnering with OneNeed for so many reasons. It’s an anonymous way for me to help people in my community by being the hands and feet of Jesus to each person. My part is small, but all parts of the body are needed."
"The stories are so personal. I pray for all of them and give to the ones I can most relate to, or that God really makes me empathize with. The email comes in while I’m at work. I say a prayer the first chance I get, and can quickly give."
"I can’t meet needs like this on my own, but through this community, we are able to meet many needs that are life-changing, and reflect the love of Christ to the person in need. I am also reminded that if you want to reap kindness, you have to first sow kindness."